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Indonesia Surf & Share

Published: Fri Sep 1, 2023

Category: Surf & Serve

Trip/Event Date:
Mon Sep 23, 2024 - Thu Oct 3, 2024

Indonesia is one of the world’s most sought-after surf destinations but the culture and people are equally as beautiful. This October, we will be traveling to a remote island in Southeast Asia. This trip will not be for the faint of heart, the local sleeping conditions will be equivalent to camping and “roughing it”.

Our schedule will be based around the surfing conditions with surfing as the main priority, but we will also have the opportunity to meet the incredible people of Indonesia. Away from tourist locations, we will dive deeper into our own relationships with the Lord with daily devotionals, and bring the love that we have from Jesus Christ to those we encounter. Before registration, this trip will have an interest meeting to answer questions and dive deeper into the gritty details. If you would like to be notified when that meeting occurs, please email [email protected] and you will be sent an invitation closer to the time of the trip!


We are so stoked that you are interested in joining us on a trip!
Take a look below at some of our frequently asked questions about our trips.

What will the typical day on this trip look like?

Surf when the waves are at their prime everyday (surf is high priority), daily devotional time
when we aren’t chasing waves, interact with locals through a translator (we will be learning
basic Indonesian phrases as a group as well), exploring surrounding places on the island,
Indonesian meals on the road during the day, and at nights meals cooked by host family.

What are the waves like and what skill level should I be?

This trip is for intermediate-advanced surfers, not beginners. Most breaks are reef with
channels. At this time of the year, the waves range anywhere from 4-12+ ft faces. We also
recommend shorter or mid length boards due to the breaks we will be going to and also due to
many airlines recently restricting travel with longer boards. If you are hoping to rent a board, we
would suggest making those accommodations in advance and reaching out to us for

What if I can’t surf or the waves are flat, is there something else I can participate in?

The island we will be at has a variety of non-surfing activities like hiking, waterfalls, boat
exploration to nearby islands, and snorkeling if the surf conditions aren’t working.

What are the sleeping accommodations like?

Combination of homestays with locals and staying at accommodations from the host. This is a
third world country so the accommodations are basic and close to camping. You can expect to
be sleeping on mats on the floor with no mosquito nets, most bathrooms are equipped with
“squatty potties” (not western toilets), no AC, and no wifi.

When will registration open?


What does the registration fee include and not include?

You are responsible for your flights to and from Bali, any surfboard rentals or fees for bringing
them on the flight, souvenirs, extra snacks, and visa fees are up to you. Once you get to Bali, all
travel fees, food, transportation to surf, and places to stay are included. Reach out if you have
specific questions on anything else!

What if I can’t make it last minute, do I get a refund?

There is a non refundable $300 deposit, the remainder may be refunded up until one month prior to the trip leaving. Due to planning and reservations needing to be made and booked ahead of time, a full refund is not available within the last month.

Any other specifics about this trip that I should know?

Must arrive at Denpasar (DPS) airport on September 23rd or already be in Bali by the 23rd to
meet up with the group to travel to the other island together. You should book a flight home on
October 3rd unless you are planning on staying in Indo longer.

-Must have a passport expired at least 6 months out of return date.
-NO DRUGS in Indo allowed→ required prescription OK in bottles with labels (or bring
actual prescription to be safe)
-Some other things to look into: getting a typhoid vaccine, malaria pills (however we
aren’t going to a huge malaria area), travelers medical insurance, international phone
service, surfboard fees for different airlines.

What about food?

Indonesian traditional meals usually consist of steamed rice as a staple, surrounded by
vegetables and soup and meat or fish side dishes.

What about amenities?

There will be no wifi except for the occasional wifi hotspot shared with us. You can check with
your carrier about adding an international plan if you need to, but even though we will be
remote, we will always have access to an emergency phone. This is a great opportunity to
unplug. Amenities will be like camping, no AC, flushing toilets, and drinking water will be from
bottles only (drinking water jugs will be available to refill bottles). The average Indonesian home
doesn’t have a shower or bath, but rather a bak mandi, a water basin built into the wall of the
bathroom. In the bak mandi floats a plastic scoop which is used to pour water over the body
while standing on the floor of the bathroom. We will be discussing more cultural norms as a
team before the trip but will answer any questions you may have as well!

Will we meet prior to the trip over zoom? 

Yes! We will go over cultural expectations, any travel prep we recommend, explain more details
about where we are going, and answer any questions you may have. You can always reach out
to Emily ([email protected]) and Tony ([email protected]) with any questions
or concerns before signing up!

Still need more information? Please feel free to reach out and get connected with one of our team leaders who can help answer any additional questions you may have.

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